Team philosophy


Drive, honesty, ethical behaviour and integrity are fundamental traits for iBio tech . Our team is always working to meet and exceed expectations. 




Kira Astakhova - Founder, Scientific Advisor

PhD in Bioorganic Chemistry, co-founder and CSO of iBio tech. She has a unique
expertise in aptamer technology and over 10Y experience in establishing and leading research groups in academia and R&D. After 8 years of literature mining, synthesis and screening, Dr.Astakhova and her research group have found the lead candidate which allowed project to transfer into the company (est. 2018), and continue thinking further about the development, commercialization and forming the right team.

Mark Daniel Zalomajev - CEO

Experienced in B2B business development and international marketing strategies. Currently started his master’s in technology Entrepreneurship at DTU Skylab facilities. He is actively involved in a startup science and has founded and developed marketing agency. He has been attracted to the team to help with the business strategy and commercialization
of the business.


Mads Clausen - Co-founder, Scientific Advisor

Professor of Chemical Biology at DTU Chemistry, has commercial and technical experience in running a biotech startups (GlycoSpot, ROS Therapeutics) and has more than 20 years’ experience in bioorganic chemistry, helping lead the studies in the correct way and apply the best practice for the technology. Mads is also a Director of DK-OPENSCREEN and has a wide network in the biomedical field.

Tue Wenzel Kragstrup - Co-founder,

Clinical development, Rheumatology Specialist

Associate Professor in Immunology at Aarhus University.

Tue did clinical training within rheumatology and currently helps with planning R&D development plan for iBio tech.


Sangita Khatri - CTO

Experienced researcher with background in chemistry and biomedicine. Her main expertise is synthesis of drug-loaded nanoparticles for drug delivery. Sangita wrote her master thesis about therapeutics for human autoimmune disease, and besides applying her knowledge in iBio tech, she currently works as a research assistant at DTU.