Our current focus is on a therapeutic solution for rheumatoid arthritis, product of 8 years of research.

iBio Tech responds to a health problem that millions suffer worldwide. 

Why should we care about RA? Few facts...

- Autoimmune diseases as RA cause permanent disability, over 50% RA patients become permanently physically disabled 2-5 years after the disease onset.
- Over 20% RA patients do not respond to existing treatment.
- It has a prevalence of 9:1 for women vs men.
- RA patients live with daily pain and fatigue with significant impact on physical activity and life quality.

This generates a real necessity for developing a solution to treat what we call "poor responders".

Which is the cost of RA?

-  The annual cost per patient is 15,000-20,000 USD. Overall market estimates more than 100 billion USD are spent annually worldwide.

- Denmark alone spends over 700 mil. DKK annually on ineffective RA management.

With our therapeutic candidate we will be able to target 20%-6.2 billion USD market, which are‘’poor responders” to the existing TNF treatment

Moreover, iBio Tech solution for RA is in fact 35% of the cost for currently used drugs as NSAIDs/DMARDs, and only 15% of the cost for other biologics currently in use.

Which distinguish our solution?

Impact on patients

Currently, patients that suffer RA need to combine different available drugs as treatment for their disease which increases the number of serious side effects that patients suffer.

However, Aptamer - nanoparticle Technology developed by iBio tech Aps can be used as unique solution that allows to treat patients that suffer RA without adding any drugs to the treatment regime.

Thus, this technology would reduce the amount of medication required, having a positive impact in the daily lives of chronic patients.

Moreover, our technology is based in the use of aptamers that do not have any functions in the normal immune response, which makes Aptamer - nanoparticle Technology a first in class for the treatment of RA.

What makes the technology different?

Our technology is based on aptamers which are highly attractive assets having the ability to refold into an active conformation and being able to be synthesized via a more cost effective method in comparison with antibody therapies.

Not only that but also our techonology presents...

- Unique action mechanism.

- Good efficacy, low immunogenicity in cells and high selectivity.

- Potential of technology extension to other autoimmunediseases.

- Standard, inexpensive synthetic protocols.

- High stability under the storage.

- Price comparable (or lower) compared to current drugs.

While other drugs are developed to treat the symptoms of RA, we can say that our technology is focused on the main problem:

Treat an imbalance in the immune system caused by overreactive cells and antibodies.

In other words, we have developed novel diagnostic aptamer tools and therapeutic nanoconjugates that specifically target disease associated antibodies and cells. With the ultimate goal of helping people with autoinmune diseases as RA in order to increase their quality life.

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