IBIO TECH ApS is also working on the research and development of an amplification-free genotyping platform.
Cancer is a major health risk and a key diagnostic task in modern society. Simplicity, low cost and extremely high precision, with each individual nucleotide in patient’s DNA being well resolved, are unmet needs in cancer diagnostics that we aim to solve. In this project, we propose a low-cost microfluidic platform, called FLEET, for fast and reliable diagnostics of cancer progression.

The current assays (sequencing, PCR) have challenges, like false positive and false negative results due to well-documented amplification bias (error up to 10%).

Especially for miRNA detection, NGS has a very low eddiciency.
We have a goal to contribute to solving these problems with a novel amplification-free platform that combines synthetic bioconjugates with a simple fluorometry based detection at high sensitivity and specificity.