PhD - bioorganic chemistry

Associate Professor in Chemistry

Visiting Professor, Stanford University Division of Immunology

Founder, IBIO TECH ApS



​Kira Astakhova, owner of the company, obtained a PhD degree in bioorganic chemistry in 2009 in the Institute for Bioorganic Chemistry, Moscow, Russia, under the supervision of Prof. Vladimir Korshun. She continued as a postdoc in the group of Professor Jesper Wengel at the University of Southern Denmark.


In 2012 she became an Associate Professor at the University of Southern Denmark. Until 2015, she was also a visiting professor at the University of California Santa Barbara, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and at Stanford University, USA. In 2017, Astakhova group moved to DTU Chemistry.


Kira Astakhova is the author of over 50 research publications, 5 book chapters and 4 patents. She was awarded with several research prizes and fellowships including Marie Curie Early Stage Research Training Fellowship, Jorck prize and Lundbeck Foundation research prize. Her research interests are interdisciplinary organic chemistry, biomedicine, biophysics and nanobioscience.